Premium Full-Service Heating Plan

Mohegan Oil is proud to provide reliable home heating oil deliveries in southeastern Connecticut. We offer a three service plan options, tailored to fit the needs of our customers. The Premium Service Plan is an ideal full-service oil contract for many Connecticut residents. When you choose this plan, you’ll enjoy consistent CT oil prices and ensure your system continues to function safely and efficiently.

What’s Included in the Premium Service Plan?

Our Premium Service oil contract was designed to meet the needs of many of our customers. With this service plan, you’ll receive yearly maintenance, comprehensive safety checks, and emergency repairs.

All Premium Service Plan customers receive the following services:

  • Safety Inspection – Mohegan Oil will travel to your location to perform a thorough safety inspection of your system. Our full-service expert technicians will adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards, ensuring your heating system will continue to function safely throughout your contract.
  • Annual Tune-Up – Our annual tune-up service ensures that your heating system is running at optimal efficiency – conserving fuel and ultimately saving you money. Yearly tune-ups can also address potential issues before they occur and prevent unnecessary stress on your system. With proper prevention, you can save money by avoiding costly repairs down the road.
  • Emergency Service – Mohegan’s Premium Service Plan is designed to help prevent unexpected outages. However, should the unexpected occur, our emergency service will address repairs as soon as possible. Our expert technicians will work to get your system back up and running quickly, so you and your family can continue enjoying a warm, safe home.
  • Ultrasonic Tank Test and Tank Replacement Payment – Our ultrasonic tank testing equipment thoroughly examines your system to determine whether it’s safe for continued use. If your oil tank qualifies for replacement, you’ll receive a $1,000 credit towards the cost. If your tank is not eligible, you’ll still receive a $150 coupon towards replacement in the future.
  • Discounted Parts and Labor – All Premium Service Plan customers receive a 25% discount on parts and labor for the duration of the contract. (Note – discount does not apply to system replacement.)

Is the Premium Full-Service Plan Right for You?

In Connecticut, it’s essential to keep your home heating system in working order so you can stay warm throughout the harsh winters. An oil contract that offers yearly maintenance, thorough safety assessments, and emergency repairs will ensure your home remains safe and warm. With Mohegan Oil’s Premium Service Plan, you’ll receive all of these benefits and more.

Our Premium plan is ideal for southeastern Connecticut homeowners who want a reliable and effective home heating oil service at an affordable price. It can accommodate homes and businesses of all sizes and types, as well as a variety of equipment and manufacturers.

Areas in Connecticut we deliver home heating oil to

Now in its third generation of ownership, Mohegan Oil is the oldest heating oil company in CT. Over the years, we’ve remained dedicated to providing high-quality home heating oil services to residents in the following locations in southeastern Connecticut:

For more information about our full-service CT home heating oil contracts, contact us today via email or by phone at (860) 536-4294.