Southeastern CT Areas We Service

Our team has been performing heating oil delivery, service, repairs, and cleaning for homes and businesses for more than three generations (longer than any other supplier in the area). Mohegan Oil is known for the quality services we deliver to major boiler brands, air furnaces, and air conditioners. Our 30+ years of experience has made us the best full-service heating oil supplier in Connecticut. We are always on call, no matter the situation, to deliver services and solutions you can rely on. 

Equipment for Home Heating Oil Services Near Southeastern CT

Warm Air Furnace Systems and Air Conditioners

We offer full service for most standard warm air furnace systems and air conditioner systems. We can make repairs to an existing system or even set you up with a new, high-efficiency one. Whatever your needs may be, Mohegan Oil is here to help. 


When it comes to most major boiler brands, we know what we’re doing. For us, higher efficiency systems aren’t a problem, and you can trust our team to handle any issue related to your boiler. 


The heart of a furnace needs special care, which we are happy to provide with regular maintenance and repairs as needed. So, we’ll keep your home happy and warm all through the winter, no matter what you’re working with.

Best Home Heating Oil Delivery Companies in Southeastern, Connecticut 

In Connecticut, heating oil delivery is something that you need to have on lock before the winter season hits. Get prepared for the cold winter months with our automatic delivery service. We will never charge you extra for the oil we provide. Instead, we offer a fair market price on every delivery. By using advanced analytics and prediction methods hooked directly to your tank, we’ll be able to schedule regular and automated oil deliveries. 

Choose Mohegan Oil for a Full-Service Heating Oil Supplier

Mohegan Oil is here to provide services from heating oil delivery to repairs and replacements and more. Whether our technicians need to come out to heat up – or cool you down – your home, we are there to resolve any situation or issue you may face. So, whether you want to set up a plan, talk out a quote, or need repairs right away, call us today at (860) 443-0030.