Home Heating Oil FAQs

1. What kind of heating services does Mohegan Oil provide that a discount oil dealer does not?

Mohegan Oil does more than simply deliver home heating oil when you need it. We are also licensed and certified for HVAC repair of boilers, warm air furnaces, air conditioning, hot water tanks, kerosene heaters, mobile home furnaces, and other equipment.

We offer sensible and affordable full-service plans to keep your heating and air conditioning systems running smoothly, safely and efficiently. You can view our full-service plans here.

2. I am worried about being able to afford the cost of heating oil, what can I do to avoid big home heating oil bills?

Mohegan Oil offers home heating service plans that spread out the estimated cost of heating oil over a 10-month period, thereby avoiding larger heating oil bills in the winter months in CT. These full-service plans can be reviewed periodically to ensure that the estimates make sense for you.

3. I don’t want to run out of oil. Do you have an automatic delivery service?

Yes! Mohegan Oil utilizes a computer-generated automatic heating oil delivery program that generates an order for oil delivery based on past usage estimates. Our customers can relax, knowing that they will never be “stranded” without home heating oil.

4. What are some basic home heating oil conservation tips?

Conservation is easy with home heating oil products. First and foremost, a well-tuned, well-maintained system uses less oil. Also, turn down your thermostat. Each one-degree lower equals approximately a 3% annual savings, and an additional 1% if you lower it again overnight. Consider a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can save energy by automatically adjusting heating. Reduce the setting whenever everyone is asleep or away from the home.

5. What are some basic home heating safety tips?


Your boiler should have a good and clean air supply. Appliances like clothes dryers create dust and should not be kept in the same area as the boiler. If they are in the same vicinity, consider buying an air purifier to clear the air of lint. This will keep your heating system from having electrical and ignition problems. Make sure not to crowd the area around your heating system with boxes and old clothes. And by all means, keep any flammable or toxic substances far away. Remember that inside your boiler is a controlled but very hot fire. You don’t want to deprive it of oxygen or create a fire hazard.

Mohegan Oil also offers full-service and maintenance on boilers provided by our experienced staff. You can review some of the brands that we are certified to work on here.

Oil Tanks

If your heating oil tank is above ground or buried, make sure it is safe from harm. We’ve heard horror stories about tanks in garages rupturing when they got dinged by the family car. And if your tank is buried make sure you know where it is before you do any serious construction around the house. Spilling hundreds of gallons of oil in the ground can be messy and expensive to clean up.

Don’t Hit the Reset Button More Than Once!

If your boiler is not working, you should try to push the reset button. Once! Never push it more than once or else you may flood your system with oil, which can cause a dangerous condition in your boiler.

Make Sure Your Chimney Is In Good Condition

The chimney is an important part of your home heating system, but it’s a part that Mohegan Oil isn’t responsible for. Make sure your chimney is always in good condition and free of obstructions. Have it checked at least once every couple of years and if it’s in bad shape, consider investing in a new lining.

Call Mohegan Oil Company – Don’t try to fix things yourself

If you think something is wrong with your system, let us know. Our full-service oil delivery company will make sure the system is operating safely, and if it isn’t, we’ll take proper steps to make sure it is repaired. Contact us today!

6. Which towns in CT does Mohegan Oil deliver to?