Platinum Full-Service Heating Plan

Mohegan Oil provides fuel oil delivery in Connecticut with three tiers of full-service plans designed to fit the needs of our customers. Our Platinum Service Plan is a premier full-service oil contract. With this plan, you can ensure that your system is working efficiently all year long while avoiding rising CT oil prices.

What’s Included in the Platinum Full-Service Plan?

Each of Mohegan Oil’s service contracts is crafted with your convenience and budget in mind. If you are a homeowner seeking a comprehensive oil service plan, look no further than the Platinum Service Plan. With our attention to detail regarding the safety and efficiency of your heating system, convenient emergency service, and cost-saving benefits, our Platinum oil contract makes maintaining your heating system effortless.

The Platinum Service Plan includes:

  • Safety Inspection – Mohegan’s expert technicians will arrive on-site and conduct a multifaceted safety inspection of your heating system. Each examination is unique to your equipment and based on the specific manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, our technicians always adhere to industry best practices to ensure your heating system runs safely.
  • Annual Tune-Up – At Mohegan Oil, we recognize that while safety is your first concern, efficiency is a close second. Annual tune-ups ensure that your heating system continues to run well, conserving fuel usage and saving you money. Yearly tune-ups also help extend the life of your heating system and prevent major breakdowns in the future.
  • Emergency Service – Although our Platinum Full-Service Plan helps you get the best out of your heating equipment, emergencies may still arise. If your heating system requires unexpected HVAC repairs, you can count on our 24/7 emergency service.
  • Ultrasonic Tank Test and Tank Replacement Payment – We use ultrasonic tank testing equipment to examine your oil tank and evaluate its safety and integrity. If your tank qualifies for a replacement, you’ll receive a $1,000 tank replacement credit. Even if it does not qualify, you’ll still receive a $250 replacement coupon when the time comes.
  • 50 Percent Discount on Parts and Labor – Our Platinum Full-Service customers receive a 50 percent discount on all parts and labor not included in the service plan. (Note – this does not apply to system replacement.)

Why Choose the Platinum Full-Service Plan?

A broken or malfunctioning heating system can cost you time and money, not to mention the dangers of weathering a Connecticut winter without heat. Our Platinum Full-Service Plan provides a top-tier level of system maintenance, superior to any other oil company in CT. Our industry-leading maintenance prevents system breakdowns and ensures your heater is operating safely, giving you peace of mind.

If the unexpected occurs, our 24/7 emergency service means your home’s heat will be restored as soon as possible. This service comes with the added benefit of our highest level of discounted parts and labor, so you can keep costs low and your system in top shape. Even if your heating equipment needs replacing, our platinum-level tank testing and replacement payments are the best in the business.

Ready to experience the Mohegan Oil difference? Schedule service today. For more information about our Platinum Service Plan, contact us via email or by phone at (860) 536-4294.