Must Read Guide for Cleaning a Furnace

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of HVAC cleaning or maintaining your home’s heating system, one of the best ways to start is to learn the basics. The first step is to understand how often you should clean your furnace and why it is essential to stay on top of furnace cleaning in the first place. Here is what you need to know about when and why it is important to clean your furnace.

When Should You Clean Your Furnace?

The general rule of thumb is to schedule an annual oil furnace cleaning. Some prefer to conduct furnace cleanings at the end of winter when you can inspect them for problems resulting from a season of heavy use. Others support cleaning in the fall to eliminate any potential issues that may occur during the upcoming winter.

If you live in a much colder climate, it’s wise to have your furnace cleaned twice a year. This is also true if you tend to run your furnace outside the winter season, such as during the cooler periods of fall or spring. This strategy can help to detect potential issues before they become expensive problems.

Why Should You Clean Your Furnace?

Simply put, if you’re not properly handling an oil furnace’s maintenance – including regular cleanings – you are increasing the likelihood of needing repairs in the near future. Worse, you may experience health-related issues – like respiratory problems, difficulty breathing or even carbon monoxide poisoning – if you fail to conduct regular cleanings.

Over time, it’s also possible for both carbon and sulfur residue to build up, which can damage your furnace, chimney, and even your walls. Even more importantly, if you allow soot to build up in your furnace and chimney, it will be more difficult for carbon monoxide and other harmful compounds to escape. With regular oil furnace cleanings, you can substantially reduce the chances of this occurring.

How to Clean a Furnace

If you can commit to regular furnace cleaning and maintenance – although it is not recommended – it is possible to handle cleaning on your own. However, your best bet is to consult a professional to take care of this more complex job.

Consult a Top Furnace Cleaning Service in CT

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