Boiler Maintenance Tips

A modern boiler is a complex appliance that requires regular service and maintenance by a qualified professional. The maintenance of boilers is a skill that calls for specific tools and experience. This routine boiler service should be done at least once every year. More importantly, you should work with a trusted contractor or other experienced professionals to ensure that everything is correctly inspected and that any missing parts or issues are effectively addressed.

Depending on what company you choose to work with, you may hear regularly scheduled boiler check-ups referred to as “preventative,” “annual,” or “scheduled” maintenance. However, the underlying concept is always the same: To keep your boiler system in good condition, make any necessary adjustments, identify and resolve problems before they damage your equipment, and extend the life of your boiler system.

A boiler is a huge investment. When you put the resources into getting a boiler system installed, you expect to have a robust, stable appliance that offers consistent, reliable heating. Failure to properly check-up and service your boiler can undermine this goal and leave your home or facility without adequate heating in the bitter winter. Don’t risk leaving your routine boiler maintenance to unqualified staff or DIY checklists.

While annual maintenance is a must, the professionals that carry out this service are just as important. A boiler tune-up is a daunting if not completely impossible job for someone without the proper experience and tools. Make sure you hire a team of experienced HVAC professionals like Mohegan Oil to get the job done right.

Boiler Maintenance Scheduling Tips

When it comes to boiler maintenance, here are a few basic tips to follow:

  • Service the boiler whenever you move into a new building. Have it thoroughly inspected and serviced as one of your very first maintenance tasks. Not everyone treats important appliances with the care they deserve, and if the previous owners have not maintained the boiler properly, it’s better to know right away and get it fixed by a qualified professional ASAP.
  • Schedule your service for the spring or early summer. This is considered the end of the “heating season,” so companies that service boilers and other heating systems may be less busy. If you wait until your boiler has a problem, and this issue occurs during peak heating season (in the middle of winter) you could face long waits or upcharges for emergency services. Summer is also a great time to get your boiler checked out so any lengthy repairs won’t leave you out in the cold in the coming months.
  • Know your home insurance policy. Some homeowner’s policies require that your boiler be properly serviced every year. Make sure you know your policy and stay on top of the schedule to prevent the extremely costly mistake of having your homeowner’s insurance voided.

Potential Boiler Issues

If you experience any of the following issues with your boiler system, do not wait for your regularly scheduled annual boiler servicing. Contact the CT HVAC specialists at Mohegan Oil Company for prompt assistance with:

  • Unexpected boiler system shutdowns
  • Strange or abrasive noises within the boiler system
  • Ineffectual or insufficient heating
  • Gas leaks

Mohegan Oil Company Is Your Trusted Partner for Full-Service Boiler Maintenance and Cleaning

Mohegan Oil Company offers full-service heating oil plans and complete cleaning and servicing of all heating and cooling systems. Leave your boiler repair needs and routine maintenance to us so that you can sit back and relax, knowing your boiler system and all your other HVAC components are in the most capable and experienced hands. Contact Mohegan Oil Company today for boiler maintenance service in CT.