Learn More About Your Home Heating Oils

Heating Oil

People in Connecticut spend a lot of money on heating oil products yet very few actually see what they’re buying. Rest assured that Mohegan Oil delivers only the finest heating oil products for our customers.


We maintain a delivery truck dedicated to red and white kerosene. It has two separate compartments, two separate reels, and two meters… two trucks in one. We go to all this trouble in order to keep our kerosene pure. We never empty out a fuel oil truck and then put kerosene in it like other dealers do. If you use kerosene you know that it must be pure, or your equipment won’t work properly. That’s why we supply many local service stations with kerosene for resale at their pumps.

Diesel Fuel

Our diesel fuel is carried in a truck dedicated solely to diesel. Our fuel is winterized from December to April and is pre-mixed with kerosene to help keep the fuel from freezing.