We Make Sure You Never Run Out of Oil

At Mohegan Oil, we can take any concern you may have about running out of oil off your plate. Our Automatic Heating Oil Delivery service and Full-Service Heating Oil contracts can help you avoid any potential mishaps. 


With Automatic Heating Oil Delivery, you can be sure that you always have enough oil to heat your home. Mohegan Oil monitors your tank using software that tracks your home’s oil consumption. The software will then generate an order for oil delivery based on your fuel usage patterns.


Our variety of Full-Service Heating Oil contracts allow you to choose a plan that works best for you and your family. Not only do you benefit from the best possible rates, you get the peace of mind that comes with a “set it and forget it” level of protection—all winter long.


Should you ever run into any issues with your system, we have you covered there, too. Our sister company, Spicer Plus, offers a complete range of maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

We’re Here to Help Keep Your Home Warm for the Holidays

At Mohegan Oil, making sure you have a safe and warm winter is our top priority. Our team is always here to help  and is focused on keeping your home heating system running efficiently. And, because we value the safety of our customers and our staff, we request that you make sure your driveways and walkways are clear of snow and ice before we come to service your home.


Visit our website or call us at 860-590-4733 to learn more.