5 Tips to Maximize Your Home Heating

There are many ways to increase energy efficiency, cut your utility bill, and conserve oil. Using these five home heating tips, you’ll learn just how to keep the house warm, with a focus placed on efficient heating. So, what’s the best way to save?

Let’s take a look:

1. Install and use a programmable thermostat

Our full-service heating company can help with this step. Using a programmable thermostat, you’ll control the temperature within your home automatically. With some thermostats, this could even include different settings for weekends and weekdays — all automatic once you’ve finished set-up. Through careful planning, you’ll be able to balance and regulate your home’s temperature in a way that cuts down your utility bill. After all, having your heater on full blast isn’t necessarily the best way to keep the house warm.

You might also consider upgrading to a smart thermostat, which connects to similar appliances, bringing you one step closer to creating a smart home.

2. Make sure you’re completing regular maintenance

If you receive annual maintenance on your HVAC system, your heating equipment will perform at its peak. When your equipment is working efficiently, you’ll see a reduction in your utility bills over time. By scheduling and performing regular maintenance, you can catch problems with your HVAC system quickly. Then, any necessary repairs can be completed. You won’t need to worry about whether or not the temperature in your home is where you want it. Also, you won’t have to worry so much about racking up bills.

It’s a win-win!

3. Change your filter as often as is necessary

In some instances, this could be as often as once a month. However, pricier filters may last several months before replacement is needed.

If you’re not replacing the filter of your HVAC system, it can become dirty or even clogged. This can hurt the quality of the air you breathe while also damaging your heating equipment. If your home heating equipment isn’t working efficiently, you’re going to be losing money.

4. Arrange for a home energy audit and then seal your home

When a home energy audit is performed, alongside learning about how your energy is used, you’ll learn of any potential air leaks in your home. These leaks can result in moisture loss, allowing dry, colder air to enter your house. Once you’ve identified these air leaks, you’ll be one step closer to sealing them and to saving money on your heating bills.

5. Maintain low but consistent temperatures during colder months

Now, this might seem a bit obvious, but it’s essential to keep in mind. During the winter months, many people retaliate by cranking up their heating, leading to far higher bills than necessary. Before you turn your heat on full blast, stop and think: is this necessary? Or could you be just as comfortable by slipping on an extra layer of clothing? Most importantly, this reduces the risk of overheating.

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